FaB Founders meeting. Hermosa Beach. FaB Fashion and BeautyTech

Odile Roujol
3 min readOct 11, 2023


Today, we had a FaB meeting in #HermosaBeach. Looking at the ocean and blue sky, makes us feel obsessed with ♻️ conscious beauty and sustainable fashion and confident about the future ✨, whatever the macro-economic context.

The Takeaway of FaB Fashion and BeautyTech:

We curated this content (Odile and Camille), but asked one of the founders participating to add her quotes, thank you Christine Koppinger founder of Minu SkinCare!

- 🤝 funding: mix of BAs and micro VCs, adding skills to their investment, crowdfunding for some, banks become more creative on the solutions for startups in early-stage.

- ✨📈 growth and content: “TikTok, only if done well, continues to be a huge driver of revenue for brands over Meta platforms. However, many brands (both very large and small) have yet to be able to crack the algorithm. Consumers trust people over brands and love educational materials and behind the scenes on the creation of the products.”

  • 🫶🏾 retailers and growth: focus on one of them, don’t jump on the big ones without learning to improve the experience in store and online. Personally we love Thirteen Lune, The Detox Market, Credo if you can convince them in the Beauty space. Be creative in the partnerships!

“Retail partnerships, especially with those who stand for a higher standard of clean and sustainable living like Credo Beauty and Detox Market, continue to be a very strategic walk before run approach before taking on larger distribution via Sephora or Ulta.”

- 💪🏽 community: we are stronger together, so don’t think you waste time participating in conferences, summits, or meeting with other founders. You’re saving time! Learn from the others. Gain resilience by listening to them.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being with a group of super passionate beauty founders, who all share the same hopes and challenges when it comes to building their brands. That is truly a key aspect of community, being able to be amongst those who can empathize with you, and support you, and contribute to your sense of belonging.”


Richard welch Utu skincare (and sun protection) @utuskincare

Davina Kaonohi Element apothec (beauty wellness) @elementapotec

Cary Lin and Angela Ubias Common Heir (skincare) @commonheir

Alli Reed Stratia skin @stratiaskin

Ellie Chen Oddli (fashion) @oddli

Arjun Sampath Soma Ayurvedic @somaayurvedic

Christine Koppinger Minu minerals (sun skincare) @minuskincare

Mike Gelb consumer the consumer VC podcast and newsletter


Kimberly dillon

Amanda Schulze palm @joinpalm

Isabelle Wijnolst JPMorgan

Gouzelle Ishmatova (youth of the people)

Camille Cabale Fab community, and Odile Roujol founder of Fab community and Fab ventures

Thank you Camille ÇABALE for co-hosting with me!

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Odile Roujol

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