It’s a brave new world. A new era for consumer tech.

Odile Roujol
5 min readMar 30, 2020


We all experience being at home, disconnected and at the same time so connected! What does it mean for the future consumer behaviors?

I hear many questions from founders seeking insights in this period of uncertainty, and I read so much content about dealing with priorities and cutting cost, and managing in a remote mode, that I would like to focus on what’s next. What’s next for our society, that is.

Beauty and Fashion is about finding our place in the world, it’s about self-esteem, confidence, connecting with others. As a direct-to-consumer investor, and proud founder of the fast growing global Fab Fashion and BeautyTech community, I’m pretty optimistic despite the crisis period. It’s time for true conscious-living brands in Fashion, Luxury, Beauty and Wellness, inventive Tech solutions for a simplified and better life.

People have changed and there is no going back.

Meaningless consumerism is dead.

All surveys show that on line retail will constitute 25% of all retail sales in a few years. And values have changed. Shoppers seek brands that align with their personal values.

We all talk about Millennials. In the US one of two are minorities. With diversity come rich stories, it empowers innovation. The new generations may inspire us. Future belongs to multicultural leaders.

Founders have a personal story.

They tell their story. They share their vulnerabilities. They encourage self-expression in their community. Self-care is the new trend.

Founders tell our story. We are a movement. We share the same interests, believe in the same values, we are diverse tribes, enjoying to be connected with others.

Founders shape our future. They are creative minds, risk-takers, movers, shakers. They create a strong word-of-mouth effect thanks to their advocates which gives them an unfair advantage.

It’s a brave new world. Future belongs to purpose and data-driven founders.

The physical change we all undergo during different stages of our life should be reclaimed and de-stigmatized.

From teen-age acne, puberty vulnerabilities, pregnancy new questions, menopause and how to age gracefully.

We support male beauty and care. We know that they beauty, wellness, and fashion industry can provide them with valuable preventive care and hassle-free gratification.

We seek Beauty as an inclusive new definition of self-realization.

As a FaB Fashion and BeautyTech Community, with more than 70% of our founders, guest speakers and members of the community being female founders and minority founders, we support gender diversity and gender equality in all forms. Beauty should be accessible for anyone and everyone across the non-binary spectrum.

We are seeing beauty through the lenses of mindfulness, wellness, self-care and healthcare. We believe in a more holistic approach to beauty.

Community-conscious consumption is our credo. We stand by transparency as a new way to raise awareness and set real expectations.

We are about Conscious Beauty and Fashion.

It’s now a responsibility for founders to embody gender equality, diversity and sustainability in work ethic and products. As we build trust relationships between founders and funders, we make sure we know our suppliers and treat everybody with respect and dignity.

We believe that the future of fashion can be circular.

Our clothes should never end-up as waste…We believe in sustainable Fashion and Social Impact. We believe we can all make a difference. We all participate as customers.
We aim to increase awareness of the impact of beauty and fashion purchasing decisions on the environment and our health, and life in general.

We believe Tech empowers Human. We use the knowledge of data to customize products and services. We have far better unit economics than average leveraging the direct interaction with customers.

We are conscious businesses focusing on the whole ecosystem, creating and optimizing value for all stake holders, for healthy , sustainable and resilient businesses.

We believe in conscious consumption.

We are Multicultural. We are Untamed, Fierce, and Fearless.

We are FaB Fashion and BeautyTech community. We are a movement. A global network of founders, learning from each other, with chapters in all continents.
We believe the future belongs to multicultural leaders, proud of their culture, making the bridge with other ones, thinking globally.

Join the conversation 👉 our next meetings will be hosted in June/ July (or postponed to Sept) or taking place in webinar with accomplished entrepreneurs and VCs sharing their learnings in a Zoom format. More information to come. Feel free to contact our amazing local FaB chapter leaders to know more about what’s next and how you can be supported by the local ecosystem.

You are a D2C entrepreneur in seed stage. You’re looking for investors adding skills to their investment in your company, contact us 👉 We are based in California and support US company.

Odile Roujol Founder FaB Fashion and BeautyTech and Founder Fab Ventures (co-creation studio)



Odile Roujol

Founder Fab Ventures and Fab Fashion & BeautyTech community - Conscious Living -Women. BA, Board member, ex CEO Lancôme @loreal /CDO @Orange - L.A. / SF